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  1. When should I seek personal counseling?
    Most people seek counseling when they have experienced a loss, life transition, notice changes in their behavior, or have experienced a trauma. Counseling is helpful anytime you notice yourself struggling and are having trouble coping with the struggle on your own. If you aren't sure if counseling is necessary, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

  2. How long can I expect to be in counseling?
    There is no way to predict how long someone will be in counseling; it is a completely individual process and depends on your reasons for seeking counseling, your dedication and motivation to work on your struggles, and any additional concerns that may arise while you are in counseling. The best way to ensure success in counseling is to schedule and attend regular sessions, come prepared to work each time, complete any homework that is given, and be open with your therapist about your specific counseling needs.

  3. How much does counseling cost?
    Each therapist will have their own set rates for counseling sessions, and some offer package deals, a student rate, or a sliding scale for a limited number of clients. In general, sessions cost from $75-$150 per session if you are seeking counseling in a private practice setting. Counseling is an investment in yourself, and for most is a temporary expense that will give you the skills to live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life, so make an investment in yourself today!

  4. Will my insurance cover my session costs?
    Yes and no. Some therapists are in-network providers with insurance companies, some are out-of-network providers with insurance companies, and some do not accept insurance at all. Benefits for mental health care may or may not be included in your health plan, so it is important to check on this, or ask your therapist to verify your benefits for you. In addition, it is important for you to know that if you chose to use your insurance to help pay for your sessions, certain restrictions apply: 1. In order for insurance companies to pay for your sessions, you must be diagnosed with a major mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc and this diagnosis will remain on your record forever and could affect your ability to secure insurance in the future. In addition, issues such as grief, marital struggles, and self-esteem concerns are not covered. 2. Your sessions may be limited and cut off without notice. Some insurance companies allow for unlimited sessions each year, and some limit to as little as eight sessions per year, no matter what you are seeking counseling for. It is important to check with your insurance company on the number of allowed sessions before making a decision to use your benefits. 3. Your private health information will be shared with others if you use your insurance to pay for sessions. When your therapist bills your insurance for your sessions, your information is shared with a number of different individuals before the payment is approved. In addition, the insurance company may call your therapist to evaluate what is going on with your treatment periodically, or request regular progress reports in order to approve further sessions.

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